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Artificial Grass: The Benefits of Faking the Perfect Lawn

Posted on November 16,2015 by Dave Smith.

Are you someone that loves outdoor living, but doesn’t love the maintenance that comes with it? We may not get many sunny days here in the UK, but when we do, it’s important that we enjoy them rather than spend the day battling with the garden.

If you’d love a low maintenance garden but would still like the lush, green look of a beautiful lawn, then artificial grass may well be for you. When it comes to grass, here’s why faking it has its benefits:

1.    The Perfect Lawn, Every Time!

The biggest benefit of artificial grass Hornchurch, Upminster, Orsett and Brentwood customers will find is that it always looks perfect. Always.

That’s not to say that it looks fake; the product has come on a long way in recent years and is manufactured with flecks of different colours, and blades of different types and tones of ‘grass’ to ensure that it looks extremely realistic, too. Just an extremely perfect version of realistic!

2.    Low Maintenance

No more lugging the lawn mower around, no more getting the weed killer out, no more edging around the flower beds! Astroturf is extremely low maintenance, and normally only requires brushing, removing the odd unwanted piece of vegetation that may pop up and washing down any slight stains with hot water.

3.    Highly Durable

Astroturf is extremely durable, so if you’ve got a natural walkway across your lawn – to a vegetable patch, or a washing line or shed, for example – or if you have little ones that like to use your grass as a bike track or football pitch, it will wear well, even in heavy-use areas.

4.    Less Mess!

When it comes to astroturf, Upminster, Brentwood, Hornchurch and Orsett residents will find that they’ll have less mess to contend with. Your family will be able to come straight from the lawn into the house with the minimum of mess left behind.

No more muddy paws or muddy feet after a rainy day, no more grass stains and no more loose blades of grass after it’s been cut!

5.    Great for Children

Artificial grass is great for the little ones. It’s all weather, so there’s no waiting for muddy patches to clear or slippery grass to dry up before letting them back into the garden. It’s also easy on little knees, as it is usually laid with a type of underlay underneath which provides a softer landing than real grass.

No matter what reason takes your fancy, if you’re thinking of installing artificial grass, speak to D&G Fencing. We’ll provide you with top quality astroturf which will not only be easy to maintain but which will look great too. Sometimes it’s a perfectly good idea to fake it!