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Quirky Ideas to Brighten up Your Wooden Gates

Posted on September 01,2016 by Dave Smith.

You may think that wooden gates are purely a functional aspect of a fence or a property’s entrance way. And yes, of course wooden gates do have to be functional, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.

In actual fact, there are quite a few ideas that can liven up wooden gates. And to make those ideas work for you, just think about your property’s style and your personality, as well as the functionality that you require from them, then go with what takes your fancy!

Make use of Natural Beauty

Decorative fences made from willow, bamboo or hazel panels often require a garden gate opening too. The gate itself can often be made from a panel or frame with the same natural wood look to create a seamless look.

This type of fencing is more about decoration and less about security, so it’s wise to use this type of fence for specific zones within a garden, such as a vegetable patch, rather than for security. A fence will make the area less accessible to pets and wildlife, but a gate will allow gardeners to be able to tend to it.

Show off your Curves

If you think of traditional wooden gates, you’re probably thinking about a rectangular gate with strong, straight angles. But what if you could soften the look slightly by adding curves? Bespoke gates are available with a slightly curved cross bar, and even a curved outer edge, to give a softer, prettier look to finish off fences.

Pretty Privacy Fence Gates

Privacy fences don’t have to be purely practical, and neither do their accompanying wooden gates. Yes, they are often solid and tall, but why not add a trellis arch over a gateway if the gate opens into a back garden? You can then train a climbing plant over the trellis to create a pretty entrance with wow factor.

There are also specific fences available with motif designs cut along the top of the fence panel and wooden gates. Why not add a quirky pattern like this either along the entire length of your fence, or just on your gates, if you’d like something a little bit different? Fences and wooden gates don’t have to be boring, after all.

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