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How to Pick the Gate Size That is Right for you

Posted on November 06,2016 by Dave Smith.

If you’re installing a fence, you’ll have your reasons for doing so: protection against intruders, to keep pets and livestock in, or to zone your property. But have you thought about access to either side of the fence? You’ll need an entrance way in and an exit out!

And that’s why you’ll need to think about your wooden gates. Four questions that will come up when in consultation with your fencing company will be:


  1. Where would you like the fence to be located?
  2. What type of fence would you like, i.e. the height of the fence, privacy required etc.?
  3. How many gates do you need?
  4. What size of opening do you need for your wooden gates?

You've probably thought about the first two to a certain extent, but have you considered the last two? Here’s how to determine what type and size of wooden gates you require:


For most homeowners, you’ll probably only require one set of wooden gates. These could be at the entrance to your driveway, or at the side access to your property. Some homeowners may require more, however, particularly if they have a large amount of land, or require specific areas for pets or even livestock on a smallholding.


The size of your wooden gates may be a little harder to determine. If you’re just replacing your existing gates, you’ll probably stick to the size of the opening already available to you. Remember that you can either choose ready-made gates, or if you need to do so, you could opt for gates made to bespoke measurements.

If, however, you’re replacing your whole fence, the world, or at least your gate size, is your oyster! You’ll have more freedom in deciding on how big the gate opening is, depending on your requirements.

But how do you decide upon this? Well, ask yourself these questions to determine your access requirements:


  1. What do you need to fit through your gates?
  2. Do you need your gates to accommodate a car for parking purposes?
  3. Similarly, do you anticipate ever needing to fit a different type of vehicle through the gates, such as a ride on lawn mower, or a digger for building work?
  4. Will you ever be carrying out any building work in the future that could encroach on the opening circle of the gates?

If you’re able to think carefully about these requirements, you’ll be less likely to need to adjust or change your wooden gates in future.

For any requirements regarding fencing and wooden gates, Essex homeowners are welcome to contact D&G Fencing. Get a free, no obligation quote from us today to see how we can transform your home with correctly sized wooden gates.