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Have you Considered the Direction of your Decking?

Posted on May 03,2017 by Dave Smith.

If you’re planning on fitting new decking in your garden, have you thought about the direction that you’ll lay your decking boards in?

This may seem like an odd question, and you may be thinking that surely there is only one way to fit decking – in straight horizontal lines – but actually there are a few options available when it comes to a new decking area. Upminster gardeners, have you considered these wooden decking directions?


Horizontal decking is the traditional choice, and homeowners throughout Essex, in Brentwood, Upminster, Hornchurch and Orsett that want something classic should opt for this layout. For standard right angled wooden decking, remember to measure a maximum of 450mm between the centre of one supporting joist and the middle of the next.


If you’re after something a little more contemporary, but still with a touch of classic to it, diagonal decking is a good choice. In a smaller decking area, laying the boards diagonally can make the area seem bigger, and divert the eye away from those parts where space is lacking.

In larger decked areas, you can change the direction of the diagonal decking at critical points, to break up the space.


For something more decorative, have you considered a chevron pattern? It’s reminiscent of a parquet flooring pattern, and is both attractive and slightly different.

This pattern can work well in those areas where you want your inside space to spill out into your outdoor space through the use of decorative garden decking. Upminster and Brentwood’s more traditional homes could make use of this type of decking, especially if parquet flooring is already present inside the house.


If you have a perfectly square decking area, you may want to lay your wooden decking in a concentric square pattern, or a picture frame pattern. The latter involves creating a square frame shape with diagonal boards laid within it.

This is a really decorative option, and works well if you want to frame a space, such as an outdoor seating or dining area with wooden decking. Brentwood and Upminster homeowners who do a lot of hosting may want to consider this option as an outdoor entertaining space.

If you’re not sure what direction of decking would suit your space, or you require a professional finish to your garden decking, Upminster and Brentwood residents can rely on D&G Fencing for beautifully designed decking. No matter what direction your decking is headed in, D&G Fencing can put it on the right track.