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Oil Stain on your Driveway? What you Need to Know.

Posted on October 11,2017 by Dave Smith.

If you’ve had oil leak from your car onto your drive, you’ll no doubt be panicking about the unsightly marks it will have left on your driveway. However, pressure washing companies are experts at removing oil from block paving, brick drives and concrete drives.

If you do have an oil spillage on your drive and require the services of a pressure washing expert, here’s what you need to know:

Oil Spillages are not just Unsightly

Of course, the biggest annoyance of an oil spillage is the fact that it can ruin the look of a beautiful driveway. Drives and patios are an investment in the kerb appeal of your home, so having an ugly stain right in the middle of them does not add to the overall aesthetics of your property!

But on top of how ugly oil spills are, they are also a slip hazard, can be harmful to the environment and damaging to the surface of your drive or patio. This is why treating the spill as soon as possible is so important.

Time is of the Essence

The sooner a pressure washing specialist can get to work on the oil stain, the better. Pressure washing companies have a better chance of removing the oil stain when it’s only been there a short while, so as soon as you notice the stain, get in touch with your local driveway and patio cleaning specialist.

Most surfaces are porous, which means that the oil will soak into it. The further it goes into the surface, the harder it is to get out again. Having said this, most pressure washing companies have very high success rates at removing stains completely.

Specialist Chemicals Work Best

Jet washing companies will be able to use specialist chemicals to remove the oil stains. In most instances, these will be environmentally friendly, and will break down the oil in conjunction with the high pressure water used in the jet washing process. For more stubborn stains, specialist driveway cleaning companies can also use solvent based products to help remove the stain.

This means that a specialist driveway and patio cleaning company will have a much higher success rate in removing oil stains than if you were to attempt to use a domestic jet washer.

Ask for a Site Visit

A reputable pressure washing company will often be able to offer a site visit for a free, no obligation quote on how much it will cost to remove an oil stain. The cost will often depend on how severe the stain is, so it’s important to get an accurate quote.

If you’d like a free, no obligation quote on removing a stain from your driveway, contact D&G Garden World. We’ll make sure your driveway is safe and oil free in no time.