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Timber Prices are on the Up. Why Stick with Wooden Fencing?

Posted on November 30,-0001 by Dave Smith.

Did you know that the UK is currently experiencing a shortage in its supply of timber? This is due to various reasons, and is affecting many traditional timber based industries, including the manufacturers of pallets, wooden packaging and, of course, fencing companies.

Why is there a Shortage of Timber?

The reason that timber prices are on the up is because of the global shortage of timber. Supply and demand is increasing the cost of timber, as there is less available on the market.

The shortage is being caused by a combination of high global demand, and a reduced volume of the raw material available, due to supply issues. Timber is extremely popular right now, as it’s sustainable and recyclable, and this popularity is pushing the cost up.

Furthermore, with residential expansion increasing in the UK, as well as government investment in farming and commercial services, demand for fencing has never been higher. Couple this with the fact that supplies from the Baltic timber industry are down due to recent unseasonably wet weather, and private ownership of UK forests is on the rise, and this results in the raw materials – the logs – being in high demand, with prices rising.

Why Stick with Wooden Fencing?

Of course, you could look at a different material for your fencing, such as a metal fence. However, there are many advantages to choosing a wooden fence, including the fact that a wooden fence is still likely to be the most cost-effective option.

Aside from cost, there are many other positives of wooden fencing. These include:

  • Aesthetics: Wooden fencing is not only practical, but is a very attractive option.
  • Security: Wooden gates and fencing is an incredibly effective security source.
  • Privacy: Wooden fence panels offer an excellent level of privacy for your property, and are available in a variety of heights to fulfil your requirements.

Furthermore, wooden fencing can be made to measure, which means that they are suitable for any property.

What does this Mean for Residential Fencing?

Ultimately, this shortage of timber could impact the price of fencing in the UK. However, by using a specialist wooden fencing company, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best possible prices. We can source fencing in bulk as economically as possible, and have good relationships with our suppliers, having traded with them for many years.

If you’re looking to install wooden fencing and are worried about rising timber prices, speak to D&G Fencing. We are able to install fencing in homes across Upminster, Orsett, Hornchurch and Brentwood, and with our experience and expertise, we’ll ensure that you get the best possible deal.