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How Long does Wooden Fencing Last?

Posted on December 13,2018 by Charlie Stimpson.

When deciding to spend some money on new fencing for your property, you will want to ensure that you’ll be getting a good return on your investment. Your property’s fencing will be the first impression of your home, or will secure and smarten your garden, and as such, you need to make sure that it will stand the test of time. So how long will wooden fencing last?

What are the Different Timber Types?

The lifespan of your wooden fencing will largely depend on the type of timber it is made from. The most commonly used timber types for wooden fencing are pine, cedar and spruce, and it’s important to remember that some types of wood have a longer lifespan than others.

Cedar has the longest lifespan, and can last for up to thirty years when well looked after. Pine should last between five and twelve years, and spruce normally lasts between four and seven years. If you’re looking for wooden fencing with longevity, it’s important to ask your fencing specialist for a fence made of a suitable timber.

How can you make your Wooden Fencing Last Longer?

Of course, all wooden fencing can be given the gift of longevity if they are given a little bit of TLC first. Buying wooden fencing which has been professionally treated will potentially give you up to twenty years’ worth of decent wooden fencing out of a spruce fence, or an incredible forty years out of a cedar fence.

Similarly, maintaining your fence at home with a good wood stain or paint will help to keep your fence looking its best. Staining and painting the fence before installation, then again every two to four years, will help to keep your fence looking like new.

Simple things that you can do every year to maintain your fence include removing any debris from around the bottom of your fence and from the fence panels itself, keeping water sources such as sprinklers away from your fence and repairing any damage as soon as it is noticed to help to increase the life of your fence.

Professional Installation Makes all the Difference

Having your fence professionally installed will help to improve the lifespan of your wooden fencing. For example, a professional fencing company can ensure that your fence is away from the moisture in the ground by using gravel boards or a concrete filler, and this will help to stop rot and decay. It will also ensure that your fence is secure and at less risk of being damaged by the likes of strong winds.

If you’re ready to commit to a good quality wooden fence, contact D&G Fencing. We are an experienced and trusted professional fencing company working in Hornchurch, Brentwood and Upminster, and we can ensure that you get the most out of your garden fencing.