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Should you Repair or Replace your Garden Fencing?

Posted on April 19,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

If your fencing has seen better days, it’s often tempting to repair any damage rather than considering replacing it in its entirety. Sometimes, this is a perfectly possible and reasonable option. However, it can be better to replace your wooden fencing and start from scratch.

Whether you repair or replace will depend on the type and severity of the damage. There are advantages to both, but it’s important to know when the time is right to either repair your fencing or simply replace it.

When to Repair

Whether you can repair your fence will depend on the type of damage it has sustained, as well as how severe the damage is. For example, all wooden fences and garden structures will be susceptible to mould growth, but if you keep on top of your fence maintenance, you should be able to clean this away before it takes hold.

Other occasions when a repair job is possible include when fence panels or posts become loose and wobbly. When fence posts become unstable, a reputable and experienced fencing company can usually repair the posts by sinking a spur into the ground and concreting this for strength. Loose panels can usually be fixed by nailing them in place, but this is often a temporary measure, especially as you’ll no doubt be driven mad by the sound of the panels flapping around in windy weather!

When to Replace

You’ll no doubt realise your fencing is ready to be replaced when the quality of the wood becomes compromised. For example, if rot sets in, you’ll need to look at replacing your fence. It may be that you have to replace the entire fence, or alternatively you may be able to replace just the affected panels or boards. However, the latter option may end up being a temporary measure, as you may find that other parts of the fence also become affected by rot.

Similarly, if you find a broken post, this will need replacing, as a there isn’t a repair strong enough to hold up your fencing once the posts break. And don’t forget that if those aforementioned loose fence panels are driving you mad in the wind, then it’s time for those to be changed too!

Whether you’re looking for fence repairs or an entire fence replacement, D&G Fencing are able to help. We have experience of replacing and repairing fencing across Brentwood, Upminster and Hornchurch, so feel free to contact us to advice as to whether you should make good your current fencing or go for a new fence entirely!