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4 of the Best Fencing Ideas for Patios

Posted on February 08,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

By its very nature, a garden patio is a great way of zoning a garden. Having a dedicated area of hard landscaping to relax or dine on will instantly create a separate zone within the rest of your outdoor space. However, there are occasions when you need it separated a little further still. This is when patio fencing works extremely well.

There are several options for adding fencing around a patio, depending on your needs. Here are just a few ideas.

Picket Fencing

The obvious choice for fencing around a patio is picket fencing. The open slats help to create a seamless flow between the patio and the rest of the garden, but it’s a good option if you need to keep dogs (or toddlers!) in an enclosed space, for example.

Most people would opt for white picket fencing in a garden, especially when teamed with light coloured patio pavers. However, you could also opt for a dark stained wood, metal railing style pickets or perhaps something completely different, like a grey or blue painted picket patio fence.

Low Level Trellis

If you want to add some greenery around a patio, trellis is a great option. If you are able to create a flower bed at the bottom, you can then plant climbing plants to grow along the trellis, which will create a fresh, natural feel around your patio but will still offer some screening from the rest of your garden.

High Patio Fencing

If you really need to zone your patio off, or shield it from the rest of your garden, then you can, of course use high level fencing around it. Often, tall fencing can be used around one side to create a shield or a windbreak around a patio, which is still open and not enclosed on the other side. This gives the best of both worlds. If you have a round patio area, why not follow the curve of your patio with your fencing so as to maintain the flow of your garden?

An alternative to tall privacy fencing is slightly lower level fencing – for example, four foot fencing – topped with trellis. This will allow some light through but will still maintain your levels of privacy.

Patio Pergolas

An alternative to fencing is a pergola over a patio. Usually a pergola will be open on all sides, but you can, of course, add fencing around certain sides to enclose it should you wish to do so.

Once erected, a pergola can add a beautiful secret garden feel to a patio dining or seating area. Train climbing plants such as vines or clematis up and over it, and finish with festoon lighting or fairy lights to give you the perfect entertaining space.

Fencing isn’t just for gardens in their entirety and can really smarten a patio space. If you’d like to learn more about fencing in your patio, get in contact with D&G Fencing. We can erect and supply fencing for your patio or your whole garden in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch, to give it a fresh, smart look and feel.