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How to Enhance a Small Garden with Fencing

Posted on June 08,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

Beautiful fencing isn’t just the reserve of large gardens. In fact, using fencing within a small garden can really help to enhance the space and in some cases even help to make it look and feel bigger than it is. Here’s how to use fencing to make the most of your small garden space.

Use Fencing to Elongate your Garden

You may be worried that using fencing will enclose your small garden space too much, but actually, the opposite is often true. Using fencing to smarten a garden and as a design feature can actually elongate a small garden.

The key is to draw the eye along the garden towards its end or a focal point. Your fencing can act as a focal point in itself, so choose something which adds a designed element to it. For example, how about smart wooden feather board fencing with a curved top, or perhaps topped with trellis? The interesting design of the undulating curve of your fence, or the lattice work of the trellis, will draw the eye along it.

If possible, create a focal point at the end of your garden, such as pergola or a small decked area, to really finish the view of your garden off.

Zone your Garden

Even a small garden can have different zones within it, and sometimes more important to zone off unsightly areas in a small garden than it is within a large one. For example, making sure bins are out of site with low level fencing and gates will mean that your eye isn’t immediately drawn to an eyesore. Instead, your focus will be on the areas of the garden that you’d want to focus on, such as its planting or a seating area.

Use Fencing as a Planting Space

If you own a small garden, then you may be pushed for planting space. If this is the case, why not view your wooden fencing as a place to plant against?

Using trellis topped fencing panels, or indeed an entire lattice work trellis panel, can be a great way to get some colour into a small garden as you can train vines and climbing plants against it. Why not choose some climbing vegetable varieties too, such as certain runner beans or peas, so that you can grow some produce in your small outdoor space?

As an alternative to trellis fencing, you can also add hanging baskets or over-fence hanging plant pots along the length of your fence to bring a pop of colour to your small garden.

Fencing can be a really good addition to a small garden. If you’re ready to enhance your small garden space, get in touch with D&G Fencing. We have experience of using fencing to beautify small gardens throughout Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch and can really help you make the most of the garden you have.