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A Guide to Fencing Heights and Widths

Posted on August 08,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

One of the hardest parts of choosing a new garden fence is deciding what height or width you should buy. Tall for privacy and security? Or something a little shorter to let in more light or any views you have? And what about the width of your new fence? If you’re unsure where to begin with the fencing in your garden, here’s our guide to heights and widths.

Short Fence Panels

Did you know that fence panels can start as short as 1ft in height? Fence panels which are considered a short height are usually between 1ft and 4ft and are normally used for demarcation purposes. They are not such a good choice if you require security fencing, as their height means that they don’t present much of an obstacle to intruders!

However, if you need something to edge a patio, driveway, front garden or a vegetable patch, they are great for creating boundaries and separate zones. You can also add extra height to the top of 4ft panels by adding trellis or toppers, but we would still advise that these are best suited to decorative use rather than as security fencing.

Tall Fence Panels

Fence panels which are between 4ft and 6ft are considered tall fence panels. If you require security fencing then opting for tall fence panels is a good idea. Tall fence panels are also great if you wish to keep prying eyes out as they afford maximum privacy.

There are a huge variety of tall fence panels available, from featherboard (also known as closeboard fencing) and tongue and grove which allow for maximum privacy, as well as woven or Venetian styles which are designed with gaps in between the slats, so that some light and visibility can be achieved. Similarly, if you live in an area of high winds, such as on a hill, then you should opt for a fence which has some gaps in the fence panel to allow the wind to whistle through them rather than a solid fence which will create resistance against the gusts.

Fence Panel Widths

Most fence panels will come in a standard 6ft width. If this is the case with your chosen fencing, it’s best to ensure that you use a professional garden fencing company to install your fencing, because they will be able to cut it to size where necessary in an efficient manner which won’t compromise the fence panel’s strength or security properties.

In some cases, fence panels can also be made to measure. If this is something which you believe would suit your garden or property boundary, talk to a professional fencing company. Here at D&G Fencing, we can advise on both made to measure and ready-made fence panels, and will be able to fence your garden accordingly. In Upminster, Hornchurch and Brentwood, no garden is too big or too wide!