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How to Landscape Your Garden for Privacy

Posted on September 02,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

Privacy is one of the most sought after aspects of a garden. After all, it’s your little sanctuary, your slice of peace and quiet, and you deserve to be able to sit in your garden without prying eyes invading your solitude. Excellent garden fencing is key to creating privacy within your garden, but have you also considered other ideas, as well as landscaping specifically for privacy?

Landscaping with Trellis for Privacy

Adding trellis to existing fencing is a great way of landscaping for privacy. You can instantly gain extra privacy with trellis fence toppers, and you can also landscape for privacy using new garden fencing and trellis panels. For example, new fence panels and trellis can be erected, against which plants can be grown, meaning that you can create extra privacy still.

Adding vine plants and climbing plants, such as clematis, will help to cover the trellis and block out any sight gaps. Although this is a long-term plan for privacy, it’s also one of the prettiest ways that you can gain privacy within your garden. You won’t feel boxed in, simply because the greenery covering the trellis and fencing will give your boundary a much more open and aesthetically pleasing feel.

Include Bamboo or Willow Fencing

If you’re installing a new fence, then willow or bamboo fencing is a great choice for privacy. Bamboo and willow are really resilient choices for fencing, so particularly if you live in an area that can suffer from high winds, they are excellent options to maintain your privacy.

Bamboo and willow fencing are also stylish choices and can therefore add a great aesthetic to any garden. Just like trellis fencing and trellis fence toppers, these types of fencing give a really natural look and feel to a garden, and can often have plants trained to grow against them, which once again allows for an open, natural feel whilst still maintaining privacy.

Repair and Replace Garden Fencing

Of course, all hard landscaping, including garden fencing, needs maintaining, and as such, one of the best things you can do to landscape for privacy is check your fencing regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

If you do spot any parts which have seen better days, instruct specialist garden fencing contractors to repair or replace the affected fencing as soon as possible; leaving it could leave you open to whole sections or panels falling down in inclement weather, and this will leave you with zero privacy!

If you wish to shield prying eyes from your garden, get in touch with D&G Fencing today. As experienced garden fencing suppliers and contractors across Brentwood, Hornchurch and Upminster, we can ensure that your outdoor space affords maximum privacy.