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How to Make your Garden Fencing Stronger

Posted on November 08,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

At this time of year, with the wind howling and the rain pounding, having wobbly garden fencing and posts can be a real worry. The last thing you want after a stormy night is to wake up to find that your garden has morphed into your neighbour’s due to a fallen fence panel!

So as expert garden fencing contractors, here are our top tips and reasons for making your garden fencing stronger.

Why Do I Need to Strengthen my Garden Fencing?

Keeping your fencing well maintained is imperative, even if you do have a good relationship with your neighbours. It is your first line of defence and security against intruders, for starters, and it’s also a boundary marker.

More than that, if you have pets or children you’ll need to maintain a strong fence to stop them from escaping into neighbouring properties, or, worse, onto the road. Furthermore, a strong fence can help to protect your garden plants and furniture from wind damage.

How to I Check for a Weak Fence?

If you suspect your garden fencing has weakened, then it’s time to assess the situation. You may be able to hear which panel is blowing in the wind, and if you can pinpoint the panel, you can then wiggle it with your hand to determine whether it’s loose at the top or the bottom.

It’s worth checking nearby fence panels to see if they’re loose too, even if you can’t hear them wobbling. Also, check the fence posts; you may need to dig away at the base of the post a little to check for any rotting. If you do suspect any damage to the fence panels or the posts, it’s time to either carry out a repair or ask Google to search for someone specialising in ‘garden fencing near me’ to help you out!

How can I Stop my Fence Panels from Wobbling Within their Posts?

If you have a fence panel which is wobbling within its posts, there are special clips available which can be easily installed to keep the panels secure within the post. They work with a spring tail which locks the panels into place, and it’s worth noting that you may need either two or four to keep your panel secure.

Alternatively, you can buy plastic wedges which can be pushed into the gap between the panel and the post to stop the wobbling.

How do I Repair a Wobbly Fence Post?

If it’s your fence post itself which is weakened, then you’ll need to assess and work out what’s causing the damage. Has your concrete post sunken or moved from it’s original site? If so, you may need to dig the post out and reposition it using concrete to hold it in place.

Alternatively, if it’s a wooden fence post which has rotten, then it’s time for a new fence post before any further damage is caused to your entire fence. If you’re not sure how to install a new fence post, or strengthen your fence as a whole, get in contact with D&G Fencing. As specialist garden fencing contractors covering Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch, we will happily secure your fence against the elements this autumn.