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Considering Replacing your Garden Fencing this Year? Top Tips Shared.

Posted on January 11,2020 by Charlie Stimpson.

Is this the year you finally tackle that garden fencing? Perhaps you want to replace a slightly bedraggled hedge boundary with something smarter? Maybe you’ve decided you should change that crumbling garden wall for something a little more secure? Whatever your reasons, here are some helpful things to consider before you go ahead with a new boundary.

Replacing Garden Fencing

Replacing an existing fence is a relatively straightforward job for experienced garden fencing contractors. In some instances, you may even be able to replace your fencing yourself with the guidance of good garden fencing suppliers. For most experienced fencing contractors, it will take approximately one hour per fence panel, depending on how hard the ground is when digging it out for the fence posts to sit in.

If you’re thinking about installing higher fence panels than you currently have in place, remember that you may need to apply for planning permission if the fencing runs adjacent to a highway. If you do wish to replace fencing which is adjacent to a highway, you’ll need to adhere to a 1m height restriction unless you want to apply for planning permission.

Similarly, you may wish to consult your neighbours before replacing your fencing; although it’s not strictly necessary, it’s good for neighbourly relations to keep them in the loop with regards your plans. This is especially true if their garden will be exposed and open into yours whilst the work takes place, or if you wish to install a taller fence than you currently have. Remember you’ll also need to ensure you don’t damage their property, including flowerbeds and plants, whilst replacing your fence.

Replacing a Hedge with Garden Fencing

If your boundary is currently marked by an unruly hedge, then you may have been considering replacing it with garden fencing for some time now. If this is the case, make this year the year to do so. You’ll have a lot less maintenance, watering and weeding once you have a garden fence in place.

It’s wise to check your property’s deeds before going full steam ahead and ripping the hedge out; you may not have the legal right to do so. Similarly, it’s a good idea to discuss the idea with your neighbours first. It may be you have joint ownership over the existing hedge. If this is the case, it could mean delicate negotiation with them, and if they agree to replacing it with a fence, they may ask you to cover the cost of the replacement garden fencing in its entirety.

However, you can of course reassure your neighbours that unlike a hedge, garden fencing can look smart year round; it won’t grow any taller or wider, won’t therefore need pruning, and won’t look shabby if there are times of the year when it isn’t looking as lush as in other seasons. They may also agree that replacing a hedge with fencing will be beneficial to you both.

Replacing a Boundary Wall with Garden Fencing

Leaning, broken or crumbling garden walls may not only be unsightly, they can also be dangerous. You may be thinking about replacing your boundary wall with a fence. The garden fencing cost will usually be a lot more budget friendly than replacing bricks and mortar too, so it’s often an obvious choice.

Just as when replacing a boundary hedge or an existing fence, speak to your neighbours first. However, if your wall is in a state of disrepair, they will no doubt be happy to go along with a replacement fence!

Replace garden fencing with confidence

No matter what fencing job you need to tackle this year, for garden fencing Essex residents can trust, speak to D&G Fencing. We highly experienced in replacing existing boundary markers with fencing in Upminster, Hornchurch and Brentwood, so make this the year you smarten up your borders.