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Four Top Ideas for the Garden Privacy you Crave

Posted on February 14,2019 by Charlie Stimpson.

With more and more houses being built in close proximity to each other, and with gardens becoming smaller and smaller, homeowners are naturally looking for ways to create a sense of privacy within their outdoor space. Good quality garden fencing is an obvious choice for the best possible privacy. But did you know that there are some new and contemporary options available as screening choices? Here are some stylish screening options for privacy.

Willow Screening

Willow screening is a great option if you’re after a natural look and feel within your garden which will blend in with the surroundings. Classic willow screening is woven and therefore still allows plenty of light and air into the area it’s being used around, so it won’t feel like you’re detaching that part of the garden from the rest of the space.

Use willow screening therefore to zone an area of the garden using garden fencing, and if you’re looking for privacy then use this zone as a seating area.

Trellis Screening

If you don’t need the screened area to be 100% blocked from view, then trellis screening is a good option. It isn’t an immediate route to privacy, however, as the idea is to train climbing plants against the trellis in order to block the screened area from view.

If you want to get the most out of trellis, then it’s a good idea to have it installed by garden fencing contractors who also specialise in landscape gardening services. By doing so, your garden fencing contractors will be able to install the trellis for you as well as source and plant the climbing plants against it, to give them the best possible start to growing up and around the trellis to create natural screening for you.

Metal Screening

There has also been a new trend of late for metal screening. Usually cut with a pattern, this can give a very contemporary look and feel to your outdoor space. Not for the faint hearted, metal screening will really stand out within your garden.

Made from corten or weathering steel or powderised aluminium, it’s usually laser cut and is therefore a favourite in show-gardens. It stands out from the crowd and is great if you want to make a statement or create a focal point within your garden.

Garden Shelters

Of course, most types of screening will not offer complete privacy. An excellent way to create a more secluded, private nook therefore is to use a garden shelter. This will give you a small area of privacy within the rest of your garden, and they can also create plenty of shade to give you some respite from the midday sun during the summer months.

Garden shelters can be in the form of wooden pergolas, woven willow retreats which are screened on two or three sides with a roof on top, or a wooden shelter with a purpose built roof. Once again, you can use climbing plants against it to soften the overall look.

Garden Privacy from D&G Fencing

Whether you’re looking to use screening or garden fencing to create a zone within your garden or want something a little bolder and robust such as a garden shelter, get in touch with D&G Fencing. As trusted garden fencing suppliers, we can help with all of your garden fencing privacy needs.