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How to Maintain your Garden Fencing When you Cannot get to a Hardware Shop

Posted on May 08,2020 by Charlie Stimpson.

If your fence breaks or is in need of a little maintenance at a time when you can’t easily get to a hardware shop, it can be a little concerning. Our garden fencing protects our property, keeps pets and children from escaping into the outside world, and gives us privacy, so if it breaks and we can’t get to a hardware store, or ask garden fencing contractors to attend to repair it, it can be a worry.

However, as experienced garden fencing contractors, we can advise on certain things that you can do to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of your wooden fencing, as well as some simple repairs you can do to tide you over until such a time when you can fix it properly.

Prevention Rather than Cure

The first piece of advice we’d give anyone when it comes to their garden fencing is that prevention is better than cure. By this we mean inspecting your fencing regularly for signs of wear and tear and acting upon any repairs that are needed in a timely manner, rather than waiting for a whole fence panel to fall down.

Check regularly for any damage, and if you do spot any, either fix it or instruct garden fencing contractors to repair it as soon as possible. And before you even get to the repair stage, you should also be doing all that you can to ensure that damage is always minimised.

This mean checking for debris and clearing it from the fence panels and from the base of the fence and the fence posts, and, of course, treating or painting your fencing regularly, to harden it against the harsh elements.

Reinforcing Garden Fencing

To reinforce garden fencing until you are able to have the work carried out by professional garden fencing contractors, you may be able to do so with equipment you have at home or can easily order online for delivery. For example, loose or leaning fence posts can sometimes be dug out and reinforced using some cement around the post.

And if your fence panels themselves seem loose or one of the horizontal pieces of wood which spans the panel is damaged, you can often bolster it with an additional piece of timber clamped under or on top of the original rail. The same method can be used for damaged wooden fence posts, which should help to strengthen your fencing until such a time when you can have the fencing repaired properly.

And when you Need your Garden Fencing Professionally Repaired? Get in touch!

If you need professional garden fencing contractors to repair a broken fence, then get in touch. We will always happily assist as soon as possible to ensure that your property is protected. DIY repairs are an excellent temporary solution, but having your fence fixed properly will ensure its longevity. Get in touch with D&G Fencing to maintain and repair your fencing as soon as possible.