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4 Top Garden Fencing Trends for 2020

Posted on September 05,2020 by Charlie Stimpson.

2020 has seen many of us spending more time in our gardens and outside spaces than ever before. This has also meant we’ve seen some great garden fencing trends emerge this year. Here are a few of our favourite garden fencing trends for 2020.

1.Sustainability: How can I make my Garden Fencing more Sustainable?

Sustainability has been a key topic in recent years as environmental awareness has grown. In terms of garden fencing trends, if you wish to be more sustainable it’s important to buy wooden fencing which is responsibly sourced.

When buying wooden fencing or any timber products, it’s a good idea to look for the FSC or PEFC logos. These show that the supplier is certified under the environmental chain-of-custody for either of the schemes.

Furthermore, try to choose products which have a long-life or a lifetime guarantee. These will be made to last which will therefore lower your carbon footprint in terms of your fencing requirements.

2.Accessorise: How can I Jazz up my Garden Fencing with Accessories?

We’ve seen lots of people move towards accessorising their garden fences recently. With many of us using our gardens more, and a lot of people growing their own fruit and vegetables this year, it’s become important to use every inch of space in our garden.

This means there has been a trend towards vertical growing. Many fence panels can be adapted using a simple wire to train climbing plants against it. This can allow you to grow fruit trees against your fencing, or climbing vegetables such as squashes. Similarly hanging baskets can be added to your fencing in order to grow tumbling tomatoes or strawberries.

Don’t forget you can also accessorise your wooden fencing in other ways, such as painting it a bright colour or adding festoon lighting to create atmosphere.

3.Wildlife: How can my Fencing Help the Local Wildlife?

As well as trying to be more environmentally friendly in terms of sustainability, we’ve also seen a trend towards garden fencing which helps the local wildlife. Hedgehogs in particular like to be able to wander over the garden boundary and between several gardens in one night. With this in mind, why not make sure that your fencing is hedgehog friendly?

There are several options for fencing which include gravel boards that allow hedgehogs to pass between gardens. Ask your garden fencing contractors which options will suit your needs and that of the local wildlife best.

4.Security: Which Garden Fencing is Best for Security?

Security is high on everyone’s agenda nowadays and fencing plays an important role in boundary protection. When it comes to securing your boundary, speak to your garden fencing suppliers about the best option to suit your needs. They will be able to advise on a garden fence which is high enough, yet falls within legal restrictions.

Interested in Making the Most of the Latest Fencing Trends? Talk to D&G Fencing.

At D&G Fencing, we can help you with all your fencing needs, especially those which are prominent in 2020. Our experience in installing garden fencing in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch will ensure that your garden is on trend in 2020.