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5 Garden Fence Colour Ideas to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

Posted on October 05,2020 by Charlie Stimpson.

Think garden fencing can only be a boring shade of brown? Think again! Your garden fence colour can be as bold and beautiful as the rest of your outdoor space, and suit your style and personality too. Need some ideas based around garden fencing colour trends? Read on for all the advice you need!

What is the best colour for a garden fence?

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to your garden fencing colour. Garden fencing colour trends go in and out of fashion, but the best rule to bear in mind is what suits your needs. Some people will want their fence to stand out as part of their landscaping ideas, others will want it to blend into the background and be unobtrusive.

What are the latest garden fencing colour trends?

  1. Blend in: choose a colour which doesn’t overpower the rest of your garden, such as a light brown or tan stain. This is great if you want your fencing, trellis and other hard landscaping to be subtle and part of the overall look of your garden rather than being a feature in its own right.
  2. Stand out: if you’re the opposite of the ‘blend in’ school of thought, then the world is your oyster when it comes to garden fence colour ideas! Opt for bright blue for a seaside look and feel, pink or purple for something bright, summery and country cottage in style, or a bright green for a natural tone but which still stands out from the crowd.
  3. Go natural: there are also plenty of natural stains and colours available which will add interest without overpowering your outdoor space. These include forest greens and dark brown wood stains.
  4. Choose grey and lavender tones: grey, or light lavender, are very modern choices which can give a garden a contemporary feel but without being too ‘out there’.
  5. Paint it white: white is also a classic choice, both for low fences and picket fences for that country cottage feel, and for modern Mediterranean vibes.

How to choose the right fence colour?

When it comes to fence colour ideas, have a think about the rest of your garden. Is it full of colour? If so, you might want your wooden fencing to stand out from the crowd, too. If so, choose a stunning blue or another bright shade to give some wow factor.

If your outdoor space is more rustic, you may wish to choose something a little less bold, which blends with its natural look and feel. If you don’t want your fencing to make a statement, then it’s important to look at the other shades in your garden – particularly those of your hard landscaping – and choose a similar tone.

Of course, you can always go somewhere in between and choose white or a green to make a bit of a statement, without your fence overpowering your outdoor space.

How to brighten a garden fence?

There are some really quick and easy ways to brighten garden fencing. For example, keeping it clean of dirt and debris will always make it look and much brighter. And of course, painting it – regardless of which colour or garden fencing stain you choose – will make it look instantly better.

Other ideas for brightening your fencing can include decorating it with mirrors or bunting, and of course growing plants and vegetables against it vertically. If you want advice on how to brighten your fence, ask garden fencing contractors who also have experience of garden landscaping to get the best possible ideas and advice for your garden.

What colour fence makes a garden look bigger?

If you only have a small garden and want to make your outdoor space look bigger, then it’s wise to choose a pale colour for your garden fencing. White will bounce the light off of your fences to really open up the space. And in a courtyard garden, painting walls and garden fencing white and including mirrors in your landscaping will give the illusion of more outdoor space.

Need more garden fence ideas? Talk to D&G Garden World!

Looking for ways to brighten up your garden fencing? Talk to D&G Fencing. We are trusted garden fencing suppliers and contractors able to install new wooden fencing to smarten up your garden, as well as giving you advice on fencing colour trends. Get in touch to see how we can add a hint of colour to your garden in Upminster, Hornchurch or Brentwood.