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How to Decorate Your Garden Fence for Christmas

Posted on November 04,2020 by Charlie Stimpson.

Festive cheer doesn’t need to be confined solely to the inside of your home. Many of us like to decorate the exterior of our houses for Christmas, but have you thought about decorating your garden fencing for the festive season?

How to prepare a garden fence for decoration?

Before decorating your garden fence for Christmas, it’s important to make sure that your fencing is in a good state of repair. Check for any cracks, warped panels and wonky fence posts before any decorating takes place. If you try to decorate a fence which is in a state of disrepair, you may find that your fencing becomes more unstable in the long term, so it’s important to ensure your garden fencing can withstand its decoration.

It’s also a good idea to take this opportunity to remove any dirt or debris from your fence panels and from around the base of the fence posts to ensure that your garden fence is looking its best, ready to shine for Christmas!

How to decorate a garden fence?

There are lots of ways to decorate your garden fencing for Christmas, ready to suit all styles and personalities. It will also depend to a certain extent on the type of fencing you have. For example, picket fencing works really well with bows on top of the individual pickets, whereas large fence panels may suit wreaths being hung from them.

Of course, using light is a great way to decorate at Christmas. When it comes to garden fence lighting ideas, large fence panels can easily accommodate big bulbs such as festoon lighting, or you may wish to add just a touch of twinkle with smaller fairy lights. Don’t forget that trellis looks great with fairy lights strung in between the grid.

For a really striking effect, you could install a whole curtain of lights across your fence panels. This will give a wall of light effect and will really brighten up your home for Christmas.

How to decorate garden fencing with greenery?

You can also add a natural touch to your wooden fencing with greenery if you’d like a greener, more rustic touch to your Christmas decoration. Garlands are a popular choice and look very effective when strung between pickets and posts. Wreaths can be hung on fence panels or gates, too, to give a traditional welcoming look.

Alternatively, how about a small bunch of greenery, hand tied at the top and hung upside down either from a picket or fence post? This could consist of fir tree branches, holly or perhaps mistletoe for the romantics out there!

Don’t forget that you can also plant for Christmas; have you considered planting a holly bush in front of your fencing? Not only is this traditional for Christmas time, but it’s also a great way of adding extra security to your home.

Want more garden fence ideas? Talk to D&G Fencing!

Whether you want to decorate your garden fencing for Christmas or would just like some ideas for sprucing up your wooden fencing, get in touch with D&G Fencing. We are able to give you plenty of ways to maintain and brighten up your garden fencing, including decorative fence panel ideas and garden fence colour ideas. Get in touch and have a brand new fence in your Upminster, Hornchurch or Brentwood garden in time for Christmas.