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4 Ways to Rejuvenate a Tired Garden

Posted on May 20,2021 by Charlie Stimpson.

Your garden should be a haven to relax, but if left unattended for too long, it can become neglected and look tired. Whether it’s a small job like tidying up the borders, or a larger job like replacing the garden fencing, we take a look at some of the many ways that you can rejuvenate a tired garden.

1.Paint garden fencing and outbuildings

Painting garden fencing can instantly update the look of a garden and give a new focal point from the house too. For a more dramatic change, try painting in a vibrant new colour, but beware of using anything too dark if your garden is narrow as it may make the space feel more closed in.

There’s no need to always stick to the more common browns and greens that you usually associate with garden fences. How about a shade of grey or blue? Likewise, painting a shed or outbuildings will instantly revive your outdoor space.

2.Use a theme

Theming your garden will breathe new life into a tired garden. Themes can be based around anything you like but try and make it meaningful to you. We’ve all heard of an oriental themed garden, but how about theming your garden around a particular colour or one where you’re focused on smells? A rose garden could produce the scent during the day, whilst cultivating night phlox or training jasmine plants to climb your garden fencing could give you a beautiful scent in the evening.

3.Make use of pots

Pots placed strategically throughout a tired garden are an easy way to quickly rejuvenate it. Think about sparse areas that need a lift or try plugging in gaps within a border to add a splash of colour.

Adding pots at different levels works well to add a new change too. Try hanging pots or planters on a garden fence filled with bright flowering plants to give a new perspective. You could use small pots which can be hung onto trellis toppers or drill screws into your garden fence from which planters can be hung.

4.Think vertically

You may have exhausted other options throughout your garden, but don’t forget to think about the height! Adding trellis toppers on to garden fencing can give you more privacy and change the outlook of your garden. Just remember, to keep within the height rules for garden fencing.

Growing climbing plants to your garden fencing can refresh the look of your garden and also make a big difference with perspective. Training climbers to a garden fence will look attractive and help to give more privacy from any overlooking neighbours too. Try passion flower, honeysuckle, clematis or wisteria.

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