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How to Bring a Tired Garden Back to Life

Posted on August 25,2021 by Charlie Stimpson.

Is your garden looking a bit neglected? Wondering how to bring it back to life? Here are some top tips to help you revitalise a tired garden without too much effort.

Prune and tidy

Pruning and tidying up a garden costs nothing, but the effects can be dramatic. Weeding, cutting back overgrown shrubs, deadheading blooms, replacing broken pots and digging up spent plants will make a considerable difference to your outdoor space.

Refresh planting

Replace wilting plants with some seasonal bedding to give your garden a new lease of life and a fresh splash of colour. Choose varieties that will continue to bloom for the rest of the season to keep your garden looking attractive for a few months ahead.

Mend broken fences

A broken fence can really spoil the look of a garden. Whether it’s on the lean or has parts missing, taking time to repair a fence will not only help tidy your garden, it will also secure it.

Brighten up with paint

A splash of colour will bring a garden back to life in an instant. Paint your shed, your fences or a wall in a nice bright shade to add a touch of wow factor to your back yard. Grey shades are on-trend at the moment, an idea if you’re looking for something understated but contemporary.

Jet wash decking, paths and patios

A good clean-up will work wonders for your garden. Paths, patios and decking can become stained and dreary over time. Jet washing provides a deep clean, getting rid of moss, mud and smaller weeds and transforming surfaces in the process.

Install artificial grass

If your lawn is looking tired, it can make the whole garden look shabby. Bare patches and weeds are not a pretty sight. If you’re fed up with all the weeding, feeding and seeding, think about replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass. A fake lawn will look lush and green year-round, plus there’s no mud to worry about in wet weather. And of course no mowing or watering required either.

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