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Fencing Articles

Should you Replace your Boundary Hedge with Fencing?

Category : Fences
Posted on August 08,2017 by Dave Smith.

Everyone can appreciate a bit of greenery in the garden, but with that greenery comes a certain amount of maintenance and other considerations. If you have a hedge on your boundary, is it time to replace it with fencing?

How to Child Proof Your Garden

Category : General Gardening
Posted on August 06,2017 by Dave Smith.

For many parents a house with a decent garden is a priority. But if that garden is not child friendly, it will not be fit for purpose. There are easy ways of child proofing your garden, from safe decking through to good quality garden fencing.

How Secure is your Garden?

Category : Fences
Posted on August 01,2017 by Dave Smith.

Security is a big concern for most homeowners. Gardens are one of the areas where it is important to ensure every possible measure is undertaken to keep property safe. This is why homeowners seek to use good quality fencing to secure their homes.

How to Choose Featherboard Fencing

Category : Fencing tips
Posted on July 11,2017 by Dave Smith.

When looking to install featherboard garden fencing, you may think this is a straightforward procedure. However, there are still a few considerations that need to be made before choosing your fence panels.