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Making Your Home Ready for Summer: 3 Projects You Can Do

June 10, 2015

Summer is just around the corner, making everyone itchy for the swaying palm trees, azure blue skies and refreshingly cool waters of the beach. But, if you're one of those who are excited about summertime, don't just focus on the holidays and adventures you're going to have. Instead, pay attention to your house and ensure it's ready for the heat and humidity that it will face in the coming months. If professional workers are needed for a gardening project landscaper Mornington Peninsula provide all-round service for a summer garden. Give your floors a new look for summer, 123 flooring are a great company to choose. And if you see yourself short of money and have a low credit score, look for personal loans for bad credit as a short term answer.

Ready to begin? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Investing in awnings on your windows

Buying high-quality awnings from Melbourne and installing them on your windows can help you enjoy several benefits. For one thing, they allow you to control the amount of heat and light that would enter your home, which means you can maintain a cool temperature and keep your space comfortable at all times. Since you keep the harsh summer sunshine out, you can protect your interiors from fading, discolouration and other types of damage and ensure your furniture and decorative furnishings will stay in great shape.

Try some Cheap Blinds and Shutters Sydney by Dazur Shutters which are a stylish option in keeping the sun blocked out.

Don't worry since awnings from Melbourne are available in different colours, designs and materials. As a result, you can easily pick a product that complements your home's interior design and makes your property look even more attractive.

If you need to upgrade your windows, consider window replacement melbourne by Windows 4 Life, as they have energy efficient products that can help in the cooling and warmth of your home.

Installing ceiling fans in each room

If you want to stay cool without dealing with rising utility bills, install ceiling fans throughout your home instead of turning on your central air-conditioning unit. Ceiling fans use just 50 to 100 watts even when it's on high speed (compared to typical air conditioners which consume around 3,500 watts), allowing you to beat the summer heat without spending too much.

But don't just buy several ceiling fans and put them up in your house. To make the most of your investment, check your fans and ensure they're set on a counter-clockwise direction. This way, they'll promote air movement in the centre of your room, creating a breeze effect that increases your perspiration's evaporation rate and makes you feel cool. Of course, make sure to turn off your fans when there's no one in a room; since they cool off people but not furniture, you're actually wasting energy when you leave them on even when the room is empty.

Repair your fencing and gates

You might not realise it, but the cold and rainy seasons can wreak havoc on your wooden gates and fencing. Moisture from rain and snow, for example, can weaken wooden fibres and makes them more prone to developing mould, rot and mildew. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause timber to contract and expand, exposing wooden structures to rot and pests.

Fortunately, if the harsh elements have damaged your property's barriers, you can easily have them fixed when you call us here at D&G Fencing. We supply and install a wide range of fence panels and posts as well as gravel boards, gates, sheds and trellis. Can't find what you need? Don't worry since we offer made-to-measure products that will perfectly fit your requirements.

Tackle these projects now to ensure your home is 100 percent ready for summer!

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