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Outdoor Living: Turn Your Garden into a Fun and Liveable Space

March 19, 2014

There are many reasons why you should spend more time outdoors - beautiful spring mornings scented by blooming flowers, blue summer sky with puffy white clouds, scenic autumn afternoon tinted with gold, red, orange and yellow. These are just a few and there's definitely a lot more. So, if you have some extra square feet of space in your front yard or backyard, roll up your sleeves for these improvement projects that can definitely add value to your home as well as provide you extra living space outdoors.

A beautiful patio

Patio ranks high in home improvements together with automatic garage and swimming pool. In fact, according to surveys, most homeowners want a property with patio and will pay extra for a house with one. If you looking for stenciled concrete in Melbourne, there are many reliable companies to choose from. A Perth tree lopping service will help create your perfect patio.

But why the demand?

Patio is a lovely home addition and can serve multiple purposes. It gives you a clean, sturdy surface to entertain guests as well as family and friends, and provides you an area to relax and think. You can hold under it family gatherings; you can transform it into an outdoor dining area, and you can use it to hold a bathtub. If located in the front yard, it can serve as a welcoming place for friends as well as neighbours to stop by and chat. So check out www.modernsolutions.com.au or Phoenix Patios for quality outdoor solutions. If you want to give your patio a country-style appeal, opt to have chestnut pale fencing around.

A swimming pool

What if you don't have to go to the beach to enjoy summer? What if you can go skinny dipping at night in the privacy of your home? It's definitely fun and convenient to have your own swimming pool in the backyard and here's some good news - your pool doesn't have to look like one of those ordinary pools. You can have a stylish one. Pool makers like AquaPlex specialises in acrylic pool construction, offering you limitless possibilities for design and aesthetics without comprising safety and structural integrity. They can design your pool to complement your property and meet your taste. Whether you want an infinity pool or an aquarium pool, anything is possible. For added flair, you can invest in the water features offered by Water Garden Ltd too. You can also visit www.creativepumps.com.au to find out how you can enjoy quality, low-cost waterfalls or fountains for your swimming pool area.

An outdoor bar

Do you enjoy having friends around? Do you like combining music and drinks? Do you love entertaining guests? Then an outdoor bar makes a perfect home addition for you! It can serve as a year-round attraction in your property and provide you a great area to entertain family and friends. What is more, it doesn't require wide floor space. You can install it in even in a small deck or patio.

You might find the following helpful in creating your outdoor bar:

So, are you ready for outdoor living? Whatever project you choose, make sure to enjoy the process from start to finish. And when everything is done, contact us here D&G Fencing to secure your property and your privacy. You can also ask for the help of Revive Landscaping in Perth if you find that the project is too big for you to handle alone.

If one day you will be interested in giving out your home, you can find experts in sell house quick with White Knight Property Solutions.

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