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How to design a functional office space

February 24, 2016

When it comes to designing a functional office space, there are lots of things to take into consideration, from what should go where through to your budget. You will need to hire a professional interior design team that specialises in office designs, as it isn’t a job that can be done by just anyone.


Creating a practical office space is hard to figure out as a non-professional, which is why it is a much better idea to get someone in who knows what they are doing. You can look online for a company that specialises in professional office design in Melbourne or whichever big city you live in and this will include jobs like the interior design itself right up to project management of the building stages.


Project Management


If you need to find an office space or have one built, then you can employ a professional company that will help you with all of the following:


Ø  Organising the tenancy agreement if you want to rent

Ø  Planning the building process if you choose to get a new building built

Ø  Consulting to find the best option for your budget, goals and needs

Ø  Project management of everything from sourcing an office to rent through to designing the interior layout


You can employ a company to build anything for you from a café or restaurant to a shop unit or office and it is far easier to get an expert company to do all of the hard work for you, than it is to try and do it all yourself.


It is important that you keep your costs to a minimum when you are getting set up in a new office and employing a professional company to handle everything for you will help you to ensure you are not losing money on bad business decisions.


Interior Design


When it comes to making sure the space is used effectively, you will need to employ someone to do the interior design for you. They will work with the space that you have to decide everything from where the furniture will go to what décor you should use. You can look online to find a company that offers interior office design in Melbourne or wherever you are based and you will need to tell them what your budget is, so that they know what their limitations are.


You will also need to discuss any ideas that you have with the design team but remember to take advice from them, as they know what they are doing. A well-laid out office can speak volumes about the professionalism of your company and here are some of the things that an interior design company will take into consideration:


·       How to use your logo effectively

·       Where work desks, filing cabinets and meeting rooms should be positioned

·       Where to place equipment

·       How to ensure the environment feels welcoming yet professional


The sector you specialise in should be reflected in the interior design and ensuring the space is easy for everyone to communicate in is another important factor they will take into consideration.


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