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The Many Uses of a Custom Built Shed

September 08, 2017

When people mention the word shed, some of us have images of the farm, or perhaps a small little building to keep all the garden equipment safe, yet modern solutions allow for so much more. It could, for example, be used as an office area, an ideal place from which to run your new business, or someone in the family might have a hobby, yet there is no suitable space for this, and a custom built shed would be the ideal solution.

Modern Shed Construction

Timber was always the preferred material for sheds, yet today we use steel cladding, and with panels that are custom built and bolted together on-site, you can create the perfect enclosed space. You, the customer, can choose where you want the doors and windows, and why not have a few skylights to brighten things up during the day? The essential things like guttering and downpipes would all be factored in, and the supplier would likely deal with any local council approval, and with carte blanche is the design stakes, you can create a mini-home next to your house that is tailored to suit the occupants.


While most of us perceive sheds to be functional places, you can create a stunning media centre, for example. Some sound insulation in the walls, and the right décor and you can install a huge flat screen TV and a nice sound system to give you and your family the ultimate media room. Air conditioning and heating can easily be installed, and with bespoke shutters, you can really black the room out for those epic blockbuster movies.

Office Space

If you have a great business idea, but lack the office space, why not create one in your own back yard? Travelling to work would become non-existent, and with your own design, and Wi-Fi Internet, this can be the perfect base from which to launch your business empire. On the other hand, you might need a secure place to keep stock, and with some clever partitioning, you can have both.

Granny Flat

You may have a parent in their elder years, and having a small and comfortable exterior building for them to live in is the perfect solution. They retain their independence, yet you are only a few yards away, should they ever need anything. This is a very practical living arrangement for both parties, and with your own design, the living space will be ideal. This could also be turned into a guest room, which could be used for overnight stays, and this allows you to invite friends and family who live a distance away.

Modern sheds are a far cry from the farmer’s outhouse, and with composite materials and your own design, you can effectively increase your living space in style.

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