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Sport and fencing

February 11, 2016

Although fencing is a recognized sport, I am actually referring to perimeter fencing and spectator control. This is a vital part of any spectator sport, for safety reasons, and also to allow the players to concentrate on the game. When this industry evolved, support posts were wide, eliminating the view for some spectators. Netting was similar to looking through a wall, and therefore impractical in many situations. Today it seems that technology has entered the sports arena in this field too. Thin supports that are incredibly strong, with netting and fencing designed to give maximum visibility. The massive rise in spectator numbers, as sports gained popularity, is another event that signaled the start of crowd control solutions. Sport isn’t the only thing that’s getting better, the challenges of keeping areas safe, as well as improving player performance, have been met, I’m happy to say.


A multitude of applications

Fencing off sports areas, is as diverse as the many sports played today. Each needs a specific type of protection. Athletic stadiums are a prime example of this. Let’s look at the range of athletic disciplines that require protection,

v Javelin (very dangerous)

v Hammer throwing

v Shot putt

v Soccer

v Netball

v Baseball

v Golf practice areas

Some sports require ball stopping solutions, such as soccer, throwing the hammer, and baseball, to name but a few. The boom in golf has seen the rise of many driving ranges, very often in urban environments, thus requiring total protection.


Spectator control

This is a different scenario and one that can require fencing that is both strong and safe. Top level soccer games can get very tense, and the crowd’s emotions can rapidly rise and fall, as their team either scores on concedes. Celebrations tend to make people forget their common sense, and in large groups, can act in an almost barbaric manner. Pitch invasions are costly to ground staff and take a hefty chunk from the club’s pitch maintenance budget.


Boundary netting

This requires a large area, usually circular or oval, to be fenced off completely, to prevent a high velocity object from leaving the play area. Big hitters at major league baseball and cricket, demonstrate the need to have perimeter fencing, which can be strong yet almost invisible to the eye, allowing spectators to view the action clearly. Golf driving ranges also require a comprehensive solution.


Business factor

When thinking about opening a sports facility, fencing is something to consider carefully. If you were to open a sports centre in Australia for example, you would need to contact some reputable tennis court builders in the Sydney area. The professionals can give you an exact list of protection systems to suit your needs. They can also give you a competitive price, so you are able to factor this into your initial startup investment. As a working business, one has tremendous accident liabilities, and these can be almost eliminated by an efficient fencing system that is both safe and unobtrusive, promoting sporting excellence.


So whenever you go and watch an exciting cup tie, or the Open at St. Andrews, spare a thought for the experts that keep our sport arenas safe.

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