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What Makes a Home More Saleable? Find Out

September 25, 2014

Are you planning to sell your home? Before you list it on the market, you should ensure that it has all the factors that make it saleable. Otherwise, it's going to stay on the market for a long time. You don't want that, do you? So what are the saleable factors you should watch out for?

The condition of your house

If your home is in fairly good condition, you may only need to hire building maintenance services, similar to what a domestic and commercial construction company in Brisbane offers. They will run a thorough inspection inside and outside of your property to identify what needs fixing. Some of the areas they'll focus on include the aesthetics and comfort, safety, facilities, street view, and the grounds, guaranteeing thorough maintenance.

Why do you need to ensure a well-maintained home? Because most buyers prefer a property that would require little to no repairs when they buy it. Very few people would dare purchase a fixer-upper or a property with a repair cost that's almost equivalent to the selling price. So give prospects a good reason to take your home off the market.

Upgrades and extras

There are home features that buyers always check out and use as a basis for their buying decision. To guarantee a sale, you should upgrade the following:

You don't need to turn your old kitchen into a deluxe or gourmet area, but it has to be fully equipped and operational. An eat-in kitchen is now more important to buyers, especially those between the ages of 35 and 54. Stainless steel appliances, granite worktops and a kitchen island are features most buyers also want to see added or upgraded.

The master bedroom is one of the places that buyers often make a beeline for. After all, it's going to be the sanctuary of the future owners and should live up to their discerning taste. Well, you won't go wrong with a combination of en-suite bath and a walk-in closet. Of course, if you can only afford to add one, prioritise the bath.

Did you know that buyers are willing to pay over 60% more for a home with central air conditioning? They'd do the same with a new heating system as well. This is especially true if you replace an old heating and cooling system with new and energy-efficient equipment.

Other upgrades and extras they want to see include hardwood floors, windows, wall paint and one or two fireplaces.


No one wants to live in a home where safety is a concern. Even if the neighbourhood is peaceful, it pays to improve your property's security. Apart from adding access codes, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, you should also have fences built. If the future owner has a dog, the fence and gate will surely appeal to them. Before you call experienced fencing specialists, however, you should research on the following:

All of these factors dictate the kind of fence you must build around the property.


Make sure to set the right price. That is, it should match the property prices within your neighbourhood or those of recently listed homes. Research about it or perform a comparative market analysis. You can also refer to an estate agent for professional advice.

With the help of a residential and commercial construction company in Brisbane,or in the UK, fencing specialists and by setting the right price, your home has more chances of being sold quickly.

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