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Why Wait Any Longer for the Pool of Your Dreams?

January 08, 2015

It’s safe to say that when most people envision their dream home it includes a pool and a comfortable sitting area around it.

Their dream homes often also feature a luxurious spa - often indoor but increasingly outdoor - and to keep in-line with Government regulations concerning pools and safety, an attractive fence surrounding the area to keep children from accessing the pool unattended.

As it’s increasingly easy to pick up a spa for sale at a great price, many people are quickly turning their dreams into reality and with a little planning, and perhaps a little budgeting as well, so too can you. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are no longer as popular as they once were despite most homeowners enjoying far more purchasing power than in the past.

Whilst there once was a time when every homeowner dreamed of having an in-ground pool, they are seen by many as expensive, expansive - they take up a lot of space - and often go underutilised.

Still, an in-ground pool with an attractive fence around it to prevent children from accessing it without adult supervision is appealing for many, especially homeowners residing in warm climes with adequate space to spare.

If it’s a legal requirement for you to fence off the area surrounding your pool, consider adding a barbecue area, perhaps one with a pergola to provide protection from the sun, and don’t forget to leave ample space to move around comfortably.

Swim Spas

These are very popular these days and seem to have taken over from in-ground pools in the popularity stakes. There are some excellent reasons for this trend, including:

Depending on your locale and government regulations you may still need to erect a fence around your spa pool. If you decide to opt for one of these remarkable spas, be sure to check regulations before planning your pool area.

Fenced Area

If you are required by law to fence off the area surrounding your pool that needn’t mean you won’t be able to appreciate the sight of awaiting you after a long day at work - or first thing in the morning for that matter - but rather that you need to plan the area so that you have adequate space surrounding your pool to move about freely.

Government regulations often stipulate which materials can be used in the construction of swimming pool fences, but whatever materials you are allowed to use you will find you have plenty of options, just as you will when sourcing the best spa for sale at a price that suits the budget that you have to work with.

With so many pools and spas to select from, the pool area of your dreams could be a reality much earlier than you had previously thought.

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