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How to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

June 23, 2015

Selling a home can be quite a challenge, especially if it isn’t located in one of the most prestigious addresses in your city or it doesn’t boast of a dozen bedrooms and even more bathrooms. How can you compete with those attractions if you have a ‘normal’ house in a ‘normal’ neighbourhood? The answer is to try to understand what features potential home buyers look for when checking the real estate market in your area. You may not have everything on their list, but you can highlight what makes your residence unique and a must-buy.


What home features make your property a relaxing and comfortable place to reside in? Does it have an energy-efficient gas Perth hot water system that runs throughout all the taps in the house? Is there centralised heating and air-conditioning, as well as proper insulation? Are your rooms spacious or at least well-lit with natural light? Try to identify what other factors add a cosy and homey quality to your residence.


If you have a lot of extra storage, a walk-in pantry, a separate laundry room, and other features that can make it easier for someone to organise their belongings and tasks, make sure to include that in your list of features. Smart appliances, programmable lights, and a Perth gas instantaneous hot water system can also be more attractive because they allow people to live in comfort with more ease. Convenience also includes an ideal address near shops, schools, hospitals, and other necessary establishments that make a community more liveable.


Is your property enclosed in reliable fencing? Does it include an automated security system? Even with the most advanced technological innovations and the most beautiful architecture, people will have second thoughts about buying your home if they do not feel secure in your house. If you need help with building aesthetically pleasing and reliable fences, get in touch with our experienced team.


Of course, visuals play a big part in attracting buyers to your property. Boost your kerb appeal by beautifying and cleaning up your garden and adding lights to your outdoors. Incorporate your overall theme throughout your house to give a cohesive and smooth flow in all your rooms. You can consult with interior designers or renovation and redecorating specialists if you want to know what aesthetic features are saleable in the current real estate market.

You may not have everything mentioned in this article, and you don’t need to have all these, especially when you are held down by budget constraints. But make sure to always highlight the good features of your home and to at least ensure your property is clean and presentable before showing it off to potential buyers.

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