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Now is the Time to Check Your Fence

While the garden goes into its annual hibernation period it would be easy to imagine that there are no jobs to be done in the garden. With winter storms approaching, now is the right time for winter proofing your garden and property by ensuring that your fence is fit for purpose.

This week much of Britain was battered by the wind, in some areas gale force winds were reported as were record wind speeds. The forecast states that there are more high winds to come which can cause real havoc in the garden.

A good fence is vital for not only securing your garden but for your property too. If a fence is damaged it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to make sure that your security is not compromised.   High winds and storms are the worst offenders for causing fence damage. Although we can’t control the weather, or know what it’s going to do most of the time, we can help minimise damage throughout the winter.

Keeping Your Fence in Good Shape

A good fence can last many years if it’s been built from good materials, put up properly and well maintained. Take some time now before the winter really sets in to check your fence for wear and tear or rot and damage, make sure you check the posts too. It pays to fix these problems now to make your fence winter proof. Any money spent now on the up keep of your fence will minimise the risk of damage during the winter and will always be cheaper than emergency repairs or a new fence.

Get the Experts In

If your fence needs some help to make it through the winter, or you’ve suffered from the recent storms, then it’s important to choose an experienced expert. Getting your fence secure again and repaired is essential but if your fence is not properly fixed then it’s unlikely to last another gust, let alone the whole winter.

Be wise and trust the experts when it comes to fence repairs and your fence will last you through the winter and beyond.

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